The gamefi universe of Mission Continental provides enjoyable and exciting stealth style experiences with one of the most memorable characters in this adorable genre for its players.

As a matter of fact action games are ruthless games that always force their players to do their job with the utmost care and concentration and not let even small mistakes ruin their successes in a matter of seconds. This seemingly difficult challenge has led to amazing works in this exciting genre to date, which in addition to providing exemplary gameplay, have added unforgettable characters to the video game industry for many years, which have become the main symbols of their genre.

John Wick, in his black suit and black tie, is definitely one of the symbols of the action style, which is now almost eight years since we first met him. Eight years in which three memorable films were made. But for the first time, our team introduced John Wick to the gaming industry to have the experience of being John Wick. You will see the gameplay is going above and beyond the other key elements.

Of course, this does not mean that the company will not pay attention to the story of the game or uses it only as a marginal tool to advance the story, but in Mission Continental the game appears much more refined and attractive than can be expected. The story of the game still revolves around contracts that John Wick or other characters sign with different people, and John Wick is the perfect executor for each and every one of them, the story and the focus of the story shifts more on the character of John Wick. The story of the game ” Mission Continental ” will deal with each of the characters introduced in the three versions of the film and reveals important information about each of them.

Although at Mission Continental we see the sequel to John’s films, this time the path the story takes is newer and more unpredictable than other flicks. Mission Continental is where all the characters introduced in John Wick’s film become more mature than before, and one by one the characterization of each of them evolves dramatically. We named the game Mission Continental as we wanted all the players to experience the wonderful cast of characters that have taken precedence in John Wick.

Mission Continental is Intricately designed and the nested game maps offer many routes for you But there has been a massive hype about game maps, which again shows how the dev team takes the community seriously and tries to implement their suggestions and designs perfectly. The game maps again provide you with a large space, the most important of which is its size, density and nested and complex designs that will surprise you. All game maps have been removed from the John Wick movie and it has also been expanded. You can also use all the vehicles in the city. The game is developed with the Glacier engine, although it offers acceptable graphics for the eighth generation.

The beautiful design of the maps helps the game and the colors and lighting created create beautiful landscapes and effects from the game space. In addition, the game’s music has similarities to the music of the previous version, but they still appear to be quite successful in inducing excitement, especially in the pre-start explanations. The game characters are:

Positive game characters

  • John Wick
  • Winston
  • Bowery King
  • Aurelio
  • Marcus
  • Charon
  • Sofia
  • Gianna
  • D’Antonio

Negative characters are:

  • The Elder
  • Berrada
  • The Adjudicator
  • Santino D’Antonio
  • Ares
  • Cassian
  • Viggo
  • Tarasov
  • Ms. Perkins

Free agents team

  • Jimmy Police
  • The Sommelier Bartender
  • Addy Baroman


The Application of Continental Token In this game, will be the intricate implementation of crypto assets into the gamefi and metaverse as you can earn the token by completing steps and playing and then transfer it to your wallet account. The Games’ revenue is generated through the sale of game character kits. The ads section is displayed after each step and when entering the game. Players can purchase tokens through their account section or deposit their tokens to the wallet attached to the game. In the game store section, players can buy costume kits, players, weapons, upgrades.